Zombie Reconstruction Squad:

Zombie Reconstruction Squad

Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Goopy Ghosts

By M.K. Radican

Urg is a little zombie with a big problem. Someone stole his nose and used it to create a gang of goopy green ghosts on a snot rampage! To catch the thief and end the chaos, Urg teams up with ten-year-old genius Emilio Montanio and his hilarious pal Rochelle “Roach” Riggs. Together they uncover clues and question the local weirdos as they try to solve the mystery, stop the ghosts, and fix Urg’s face!

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Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Voltage Vampires

By M.K. Radican

Urg the zombie is stuck in the world of the living until he can find his missing body part and go home. But how is he supposed to find it when he doesn’t even know what it is? Things get weirder when a big rock concert is ruined by hungry electrical vampires! The little monsters suck up all the power, plunging the whole town into a blackout! Can Emilio and Roach help Urg stop the vampires before Pootville goes dark forever?

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Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Smoky Skeletons

By M.K. Radican

It’s too scary to sleep when an army of smoky skeletons terrorizes the town! But who would want to keep everyone awake all night? Could it be the scheming bullies from Burpsburgh? Or the spooky film crew shooting a horror movie in the woods? Fueled with bellies full of jalapeno burgers, Urg, Roach, and Emilio will have to pull an all-nighter to crack this case. If they don’t, no one in Pootville will ever sleep again!

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Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Watermelon Werewolves

By M.K. Radican

Under constant attack by scary monsters made with Urg’s lost zombie body parts, Emilio’s neighbors get guard dogs to protect their homes. But the puppies prove to be no match for an invasion of weird watermelon werewolves! When the furry green beasts kidnap the pets, Urg, Roach, and Emilio are the only ones who can get them back. But who is the melons’ master? The Zombie Reconstruction Squad needs to find out, stop the seedy savages, and fix Urg’s decomposing body once and for all!

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Alexis vs. the Afterlife

Alexis vs. the Afterlife

by Marcus Alexander Hart

The ghost of a dead teenage metalhead must use magic spells from an old sitcom to save the world from a paranormal apocalypse she might be kinda, sorta, completely responsible for unleashing.

“Hart harnesses rebellious teen spirit and adolescent angst into a breezy, amusing story featuring satisfying character growth and impressive descriptions of place. This subversive fantasy will appeal to fans of cringe comedy.”
Publisher's Weekly

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Amber's Blind Date

Amber’s Blind Date

By Casey Summers

Amber's date with a cute blind guy turns into a madcap adventure full of drugs, guns, and a very pissed off waiter. Luckily she has her two best friends advising her on her Bluetooth earpiece. If only they could ever agree.

A fast-paced comedy told entirely through text messages, this one is like a cross between Lauren Myracle's Internet Girls books and a movie based on a Saturday Night Live sketch.

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One Must Kill Another

One Must Kill Another

By Marcus Alexander Hart

In a secluded hideaway, a family is trapped by an evil entity with an ultimatum: Two of them can leave the woods alive, but only after they murder the third.

Awarded Honorable Mention in the 2018 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Complex and brutal family dynamics with a supernatural twist make this perfect for fans of Stephen King's The Shining or the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House.

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Galaxy Cruise - Sneak Preview

Galaxy Cruise – Sneak Preview

After six months entertaining bizarre aliens on a space cruise ship, Leo MacGavin can’t wait to get home, where the people are, you know… people. But when an unfriendly wager threatens to turn the galaxy’s last human colony into a sewage treatment plant, Leo unexpectedly finds himself promoted from karaoke DJ to captain.

Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage is a hilarious space comedy adventure for readers who love Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books, Barry J. Hutchison’s Space Team books, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor’s Red Dwarf books which are also a TV show, and Fox’s Futurama and The Orville, both of which are only TV shows and not actually books at all.

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Alexis vs. the Merry Menace

Alexis vs. the Merry Menace

When Krampus threatens Santa's life, the jolly old elf needs a magical bodyguard with focus, integrity, and ruthless efficiency.

What he gets is a slacker metalhead sorceress and her two dead friends.

In other words, Christmas is doomed.

Packed with magic gone awry, fast-paced antics, and occasional bouts of gratuitous violence, Alexis vs. the Merry Menace is an action-adventure Christmas comedy that remembers the true reason for the season.

Presents. The reason is presents.

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Walkin' on Sunshine

Walkin’ on Sunshine: A Quantum Physics Sex Farce

Can a group of lusty misfits on a derelict spaceship fix their broken time machine, save the universe, and still manage to get in each other's pants?

Geeky, sexy, and relentlessly silly, this play reads like a production of Noises Off twisted with an episode of Red Dwarf.

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Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story

Caster’s Blog: A Geek Love Story

When a mild-mannered geek meets the girl of his dreams he turns to his blog followers for a crash course in romance. Because who ever went wrong following advice from strangers on the internet?

This book was written as blog posts in real time from 2004-2005. None of Ray Caster's online followers knew he wasn't a real person until the first edition of this book was published. Come for the story, stay for the social experiment!

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